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What’s New In ProgeCAD 2022 India Version

progeCAD is an AutoCAD® compatible 2D/3D CAD application that works with AutoCAD® DWG files from v. 2.5 to v. 2020 and imports Autodesk Revit® and IFC files! The best solution for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usages.
progeCAD sells with perpetual licensing and offers more CAD functions than AutoCAD® LT at a fraction of the cost of AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD® or Microstation®


  • Perpetual Licensing! No annual fee. You decide when to upgrade
  • Nothing to learn, if you are AutoCAD® users
  • Works natively with DWG! Fully compatible with AutoCAD® without conversion
  • Import BIM projects and objects (Autodesk Revit® and IFC)
  • PDF to DWG conversion included
  • Convert your old paper draughts into CAD!
  • Create architectural layouts in a flash with the EasyArch parametric plug-in
  • 22.000 blocks ready to use + customizable blocks manager
  • Import/Export – STEP, IGES, SolidWorks, PDF, 3D PDF, DWF, 3DS, DAE, LWO, POV, Maya, OBJ, BMP, JPG, WMF, EMF, SVG, STL, RVT, RFA, IFC
  • Geolocation with interactive background map from Microsoft Bing


The progeCAD interface looks strikingly familiar to AutoCAD® users. All the functionality they’re so accustomed to is at their fingertips thanks to the Ribbon menu which makes navigation easier than ever bringing many CAD tools out from hiding. Accessing CAD commands is way faster and more intuitive through graphical buttons on the tabbed toolbars. The progeCAD interface is very intuitive which contributes to your smooth experience in getting started with the software. progeCAD is easy to use with its menus, commands and options just like in AutoCAD® and the possibility to choose between the Ribbon and Classic toolbar menus available right on the program start or to quickly switch between these menus later guarantees maximum flexibility.


New with progeCAD 2020! Tool palettes for Blocks, Hatches and frequently used Commands. Use the tool palettes to organize blocks, hatches, and custom tools in a tabbed window. Easily customization by Drag & Drop. Options and settings are accessible from shortcut menus.


Make the most of your CAD software investment. Beside being an all-embracing 2D/3D CAD tool with all the fundamental drawing functionality, progeCAD offers professionals a large number of advanced features and exclusive tools which are most likely to become indispensable in your CAD design arsenal. The new BIM import features for Autodesk Revit® and IFC files expand the progeCAD usage for AEC market. Any CAD User will appreciate to keep at hand and at no extra cost such tools as the PDF to DWG converter, the block management module, the vectorizer, PDF and 3D PDF export/import, multiple formats converters, the photo-realistic render as well as some specific ones like topographic 3D Civil features and an architectural plugin. All this in one software package! To explore progeCAD advanced tools, consult the list below.


  • STEP, IGES Import (and Export) STEP geometries and transform them into easily editable DWG entities.
  • ESRI-SHAPE SHP Import SHAPE (ESRI) files with geometry and its attributes into DWG drawings. Specific commands allow geometry insertion, colors and layers management, data dynamic control.
  • 3DS, DGN(Microstation), LWO, OBJ(Wavefront), STL, RGT, KMZ, DXF, DWF
  • Autodesk Revit® to insert BIM models into DWG. .rvt/.rfa are standard the facto in the building industries. progeCAD allows inserting BIM Autodesk Revit® models into your DWG as an underlay or as part of the DWG.
  • IFC to insert BIM models into DWG. IFC is a global standard for data exchange in the building industries. Building industry professionals can use IFC to share data regardless of what software application they use to get their job done. progeCAD allows inserting BIM models into your DWG as an underlay or as part of the DWG.
  • POINT CLOUDS Import ReCap® .rcp, .rcs, and general formats like .pcg, .isd, .xyz, .ply, .las, .laz


  • PDF, DWF, DWFx, 3DS, DAE (Collada), LWO, POV, MA(Maya), OBJ(Wavefront), BMP, JPG, WMF, EMF, SVG
  • 3D PRINT STL Export for 3D Printer output


Image Geo-referencing
Geo-referencing is the process of scaling, rotating, translating and deskewing the image to match a particular size and position. Special for GIS!

ECW support
ECW is an open standard wavelet compression image format developed by Earth Resource Mapping. The file format is optimized for aerial and satellite imagery, and efficiently compresses very large images with fine, alternating contrast. This is a lossy compression format.

MrSID support
MrSID (.sid), which is an acronym of Multi-resolution Seamless Image, is a file format developed and patented by LizardTech for encoding of georeference raster graphics such as orthophotos. The MrSID (.sid) format is supported in major GIS applications such as Autodesk, Bentley Systems, CARIS, ENVI, ERDAS, ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo and QGIS.

Jpeg 2000 support
Jpeg 2000 is a wavelet-based image compression standard. It was created by the Joint Photographic Experts Group committee in the year 2000 with the intention of superseding their original discrete cosine transform-based JPEG standard.

Import SHAPE (ESRI) files with geometry and its attributes into DWG drawings. Specific commands allow geometry insertion, colors and layers management, data dynamic control.

3D and 2D Civil Features

Fast triangulation of point clouds Creation of TIN surfaces from points within point cloud scan files or land survey collected points. AUTOSEZ command can be applied to these surfaces.
AUTOSEZ The tool for the automatic creation of surface profiles to show surface elevations along a horizontal alignment to represent, for example, road edges or ditches (Topographic Sections)
SLOPE The tool for an easy creation of terrain slope lines (ticks) between two edges or for a conversion of polylines into slope-style polylines.

Perpetual Licensing! 

No annual fee. You decide when to upgrade


ProgeCAD Pricing

Sr. No.ProductPrice in INRGST
1ProgeCAD 2022 India Version (SL)11,000.0018%
2ProgeCAD 2022 India Version (NLM)12,000.0018%
3Cross Upgrade ProgeCAD 2022 India Version (SL)8,390.0018%
4Cross Upgrade ProgeCAD 2022 India Version (NLM)8,910.0018%
5Upgrade to ProgeCAD 2022 India Version form 2021 Version5,000.0018%
6Upgrade to ProgeCAD 2022 India Version form Older Version than 20216,000.0018%
7Corporate One Site ProgeCAD 2022 India Version3,50,000.0018%
8Corporate Country ProgeCAD 2022 India Version14,00,000.0018%

Discount Offers

Offer ConditionDiscount Offered
05 or More Licenses up to 19 Licenses10% On Base Price
20 or More Licenses up to 34 Licenses15% On Base Price
35 or More Licenses20% On Base Price

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